Estrogen Therapy

The ovaries secrete estrogen, however, estrogen production ceases during menopause. This hormone is imperative to maintaining good health as it protects against heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, memory disorders, vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, and even the symptoms of menopause. Estrogen deficiency often results in urogenital atrophy, incontinence, sagging skin in the breasts, increased skin wrinkles of the face, increased fatigue, depression, mood swings and decreased libido. The team at Get Well Scottsdale can assess the natural estrogen production of our patients to determine how best to address any deficiencies. We believe estrogen therapy can be beneficial to our patient's immediate as well as long-term health.

Natural Estrogen Replacement from Get Well Scottsdale

It imperative for prescribed estrogen supplementation be a natural instead of a synthetic form of estrogen, as synthetic estrogen has been shown to be harmful. For optimal protection, natural estrogen supplementation should be balanced by natural progesterone supplementation. Estrogen replacement and supplementation is beneficial, but they must be the right type of estrogen, maintained at optimal levels for maximum protection. Join our wellness program with Get Well Scottsdale today, and find out more about our natural estrogen replacement options in Scottsdale for you.


Scottsdale Hormone Therapy for Menopause

No one looks forward to enduring the effects of menopause, which occurs when the menstrual cycle ceases, causing a fluctuation in hormones. This fluctuation commonly leads to uncomfortable hot flashes and irritable dryness; however, menopause and its symptoms are treatable, and with proper natural estrogen replacement therapy through Get Well Scottsdale, you too can experience relief for many of the areas menopause effects. Bio-identical estrogen is introduced through natural estrogen replacement, a growing solution for treating those suffering from the symptoms of menopause in the Scottsdale area and beyond, providing two general types of hormone therapy for menopause:

  • The systemic option allows for oral administration as well as external patches, gels, and sprays.
  • The non-systemic option is meant for administration on the affected area only and are generally provided as a cream or ring.

Estrogen Therapy Options in Scottsdale

Natural estrogen replacement, the growing systemic option in Scottsdale, may be the answer for those struggling with the effects of menopause. This treatment from Get Well Scottsdale can provide relief for many of the side effects associated with menopause such as decreases in energy, hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia; estrogen therapy can even help improve your sex drive and reinforce bone structure. Clinical studies have proven that systemic hormone therapy can significantly improve the lives of women enduring menopause, improving their overall quality of life. We offer bio-identical estrogen as natural estrogen supplements are more beneficial for your health and body than synthetic forms. With our expert team, you will be informed about what exactly bio-identical estrogen is, how our hormone therapy works for treating menopause, and what to expect long-term with estrogen therapy from Get Well Scottsdale.

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The natural estrogen replacement therapy options we offer to the Scottsdale area are one-of-a-kind, as is the overall experience we provide along with them. We offer non-surgical procedures with many of our treatment options in Scottsdale, as well as a friendly environment and staff to assist you with your natural estrogen replacement therapy every step of the way. Feel free to continue browsing around with us here or give us a call at our Scottsdale office for more information on natural estrogen replacement and to schedule appointments. Our hours of operation are Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find your optimal well-being with Get Well Scottsdale!

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